Joseph Brot



This collaboration aimed to create a long-term social media strategy for the Austrian organic bakery Joseph Brot. The goal was to develop visual and workflow-guidelines that have proven to work within the development and testing phase.

The communication goal was to highlight the role of natural, organic and local ingredients and production by hand as a differentiator from other bakeries. By raising awareness and explaining the activities of Joseph Brot and its partners through social media channels with a strong focus on storytelling and photography we aimed to create a community of sustainability and bread lovers around the brand.


As a first step, a thorough social media strategy was developed. Upon feedback from the client, the strategy was then implemented by a 2-month test phase, and a revision of all social media activities upon the learning collected throughout the test-phase. A final strategy was then handed over to the marking manager of Joseph Brot.

Within the production phase I regularly visited the production site of Joseph Brot and all the shops, created all content and managed 2 Social Media Channels and created original content for:

Facebook – Instagram


Joseph Brot is an Austrian bakery working exclusively with organic and local products – therefore promoting a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle and supporting small suppliers and productions from the region.

Date: Mai 2019 – Oktober 2019