Amina Stella Steiner
Creative mind with a social heart


I am Amina. Creative consultant and photographer. I spend my days looking at the world either through a lens or the eyes of a curious mind.

I have two strong passions in my life: sustainability and creativity.
Combining the two of them, I aim to create positive change – within a company and for society.

My passion led to increased engagement around conscious living, CSR and green marketing. I am the editor of – a platform for sustainable lifestyle & social entrepreneurship, and the initiator of the Wardrobe Revolution, a fair fashion guide written by 30+ Bloggers.

Working as content creation and consulting freelancer and within my work in the advertising agency BETTER for over three years, I learned to lead projects from offset to completion and created diverse strategies and concepts.

When I am not doing the first or later, I dedicate my time and passion for telling stories that matter trough photography and writing. Something a little bit like what you find here.

My workplace is wherever my laptop, camera and good mood are – and nice people to be found around …


Get in touch about your project and let’s create something beautiful together!

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