from born with love

Fashion Photography

We built the new collection immersed in feelings because despite the complications, difficulties and discouragement we continue to love our atelier and the clothes we make.
But the love with think of is a boundless love that is not afraid of moralisation or prejudices!” – Born in Berlin

The goal of this lookbook was to showcase all different kinds of love. The love between friends, siblings, lovers and even strangers and break with the idea that romantic love is superior to other forms of love.

The guiding thoughts for this shoot were the following:
Society has decided that romantic love is the ultimate love, stronger than friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, the love for your parents or people that are dear to you.
It is the love we are supposed to crave, strive for, but then also within that romantic love, society tells us to strive for one very precise model that knows a specific set of rules.

With all the different hearts and minds that guide us through life, how can we possibly all strive for the same kind of love? We can’t.
We have to find our own version, expression and experience of it. Celebrate the diversity of love and find serenity in our very own way.