GROWN this way – an aesthetic attack on a societal behavior

In this photo series, I juxtaposed images of unusual foods with images of extraordinary people in order to question our perception and consumer behavior in an artistic way. The project is complemented by a photo series of body – and food studies as well as a project video that once again shows the uniqueness of being ’special‘. 

GROWN this way’ was exhibited at Vienna Design Week 2019! Click HERE to discover the project’s website!
Scroll down to discover all images and the project video.


The project ‘GROWN this way‘ was my answer to an open call from Vienna Design Week and Creative Industries Austria. The concept was developed from scratch taking into account the given requirements for entering the contest. It was selected as one of five winning projects to be realized and exhibited at Vienna Design Week 19.
Discover the entry concept HERE.


The project was realized within three months including research, production and exhibition design.
Within the project, I acted as a concepter, photographer, project manager, and exhibition manager.
The project video was created in collaboration with Nicola Von Leffern (director and cut) and Jakob Carl Sauer (color grading). 
Graphic Assets were created by Katja Sabando.


By putting the pattern of sticking to learned norms in relation to both topics – food waste and discrimination upon looks –
I aim to positively influence our way of perceiving and consuming.

Client: personal project
In collaboration with: Vienna Design Week, Creative Industries Austria
Date: June 2019 – September 2019